Super magic at the Super Fair!

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During the first week of August, I had the awesome opportunity to bring my magic show to the Lancaster County Super Fair. Through 15 shows over the span of four days, I got to perform not only inside of the MPA building, but near the Pepsi Main Stage.

Even with high temperatures in Lincoln, I had awesome crowds come to see my show and I really enjoyed the positive reactions I received. Although the atmosphere at a county fair is not the ideal atmosphere for a magic show, I worked to deliver the best show possible each time I performed. There’s a lot of things going on during a fair—bingo, various vendor booths and exhibits—which can make it really difficult to hold someone’s attention for an extended amount of time. It was a fun challenge to push through the distractions and make my magic stand out.

After the long weekend was over, someone asked me how I had gotten such great crowds to stick around for each show. I think there’s many reasons for this, but a huge piece to the answer is that there are so many people who have never seen a live magic show. Magic shows are known to be popular in big cities such as Las Vegas or New York, but not as available to experience in cities like Lincoln. Usually, magic shows in this area take place when someone hires a magician for an event they are hosting such as holiday or birthday parties, school or company events, etc. Recently though, magic has become really popular through TV shows such as America’s Got Talent and Penn & Teller—Fool Us. This has been really helpful in growing the interest in my business.

Another reason my shows were successful in the fair environment, was the methods I used to draw people all the way to the back of the building where my show was happening. The sensory aspect of someone’s experience helps them not only get drawn into what is happening, but also remember the show. Whether it was the fun music, large crowds or loud applause and laughter, once someone saw what was happening, they were drawn in for the rest of the show.

I love that my audience can expect a great experience any time they see me perform; fun, laughter, smiles and an experience beyond their expectations.

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