Who Is Bruce and What is Colorful Magic?

The “Bruce” in Colorful Magic by Bruce is actually Bruce Jacoby. Although Bruce may be an experienced magician now, he did not start magic in the traditional way. Most magicians start as a young child, while Bruce started much later in life.

Prior to becoming a magician, Bruce was a self-employed finish carpenter. This experience has continued to influence his magic career by having high expectations of show quality and customer satisfaction.

Bruce continues to improve his shows and pick up pointers from memberships in magic organizations. Bruce is a member of the Lincoln Magic Club Assembly #293 and the Omaha Magical Society Assembly #7. He has previsouly served two terms as the President of the Lincoln Magic Club. Both organizations are assemblies of the world’s largest magic group, the Society of American Magicians, which Bruce is also a member of.

Bruce Jacoby signing autograph for young kids
A magician at a Christmas party.
Bruce Jacoby
Bruce Jacoby
Bruce Jacoby
Bruce Jacoby performing in classroom
Bruce Jacoby performing at outdoor event
A magician on a stage.
Bruce sitting with his wife Lori and daughter Emma

Over the years, Bruce has taken his trademark name “Colorful Magic” and incorporated it into many different types of shows. These shows consist of: corporate/adult shows, school shows, church event magic shows, preschool, retirement home, and “just for fun” shows. Bruce also does balloon twisting magic and balloon workshops. Every show is not only fun, but magical, entertaining, engaging, and of course, Colorful. Bruce hopes that whatever type of show you choose, he can move it beyond just “tricks.” His desire is to make it an experience that becomes not only a magical experience, but makes a difference in your day and brings a smile and some laughs!

Bruce has a great inspirational team behind him that includes his wonderful wife Lori, and his amazing daughter Emma. Lori is an elementary teacher who gives Bruce support and helps with educational ideas for shows. Emma gives creative advice to Bruce, whether it is helping with graphic design (her major in college) or helping refine different tricks and effects. Together Bruce, Lori and Emma make up the great team of Colorful Magic by Bruce!

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