Balloon Twisting Magic to Make Your Event More Colorful

Selecting the right Balloon Twisting entertainment for your event is very important! You want a professional who makes great looking balloons, a variety of balloons that fit the needs of your event, and to be entertained while they are being created.

Let’s break the myth right now, that all balloon twisters are clowns! Bruce is a magician (Colorful Magic by Bruce), that brings his entertaining skills from his magic, and combines it with a desire to bring smiles and laughs with his balloons. Bruce will take ordinary balloons and bring them to life with some air and fancy twists. Besides the amazing balloons and his entertaining skills, Bruce is very professional!

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We strive to respond promptly to all calls, confirmation calls and emails, and to deliver any paperwork to you quickly.


Colorful Magic by Bruce Magic Shows cater to all age groups, and people. We provide the freedom for you to alter shows, if needed.

Early Arrival

To not only be on time, but to arrive EARLY at your event, so you don’t have to worry.

Promising Performance

To deliver a FANTASTIC show that will please your guests, and make you look like a hero!


Colorful Magic by Bruce can provide Balloon Twisting Magic to make your event successful! Types of events that Bruce can twist for include: school events, church events, birthday parties, private parties, fundraisers, and company parties. Bruce will customize his selection menu to fit your needs at your event. Whether you need Bruce to twist balloons in a line situation, or make balloons at a more relaxed pace, he can provide the service you need.

Bruce can do the Magic Balloon Twisting indoors or outdoors. But with extreme heat temperatures you may want to get Bruce some shade or move your event inside due to the fact that balloons hate heat. Bruce will dress appropriately for your event. He can wear fun Colorful clothes or dress more formal. He is a professional, so dress is important to the success of your event. Bruce will also discuss with you about the number of guests you expect for your event. Sometimes extra twisters may be necessary to make your event a success. Bruce knows many other twisters that he can contact to help. Please contact Bruce to get a quote, because prices vary depending on different factors for each event.


What is the Balloon Twisting Workshop – It is a workshop where the participants learn to make some fun balloon creations in a fun environment. After the workshop they get to take their creations home. The time frame for the workshop is about 90 minutes. It all starts with a short magic show followed by an hour of entertaining fun of balloon twisting.

Who does a Balloon Twisting Workshop – It is primarily designed for kids in the grades K through 6. It is ideal for: after school care clubs, out of school day clubs, or summer camps. It can also be used for leadership events and award celebrations for older kids and adults.

Why do a Balloon Twisting Workshop – Who doesn’t LOVE Balloons? Besides that it gives the leaders a break from planning about 90 minutes of activities. It will develop self-esteem by being able to accomplish twisting some awesome creations. It will help develop the ability to follow directions to get the balloons to look like they are supposed to. And again everyone LOVES Balloons! (Adults LOVE twisting the balloons as much as the kids!)

What People Say About Bruce

  • Thank you for taking part in our 2014 Fun Night. The kids loved having you there to amaze them with your talents!

    Adams Elementary PTO, Lincoln NE Kelly Potts
  • Bruce was very good! The kids were entertained and loved making the balloons.

    Amber Teacher, NE YMCA, Lincoln NE

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