Colorful Magic Summer Recap

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A Great Summer for Colorful Magic by Bruce

As summer comes to an end, I’ve been reflecting on the many great opportunities I had to perform, especially the new opportunities. I had an amazing time performing at the Lancaster County Super Fair, where I have performed just a few shows each year in the past. This year, though, I performed a lot more shows; 15 shows in four days. Every show brought large crowds with great reviews of my show.

Another great part of my summer included the growth of my summer preschool shows. This year’s “Heroes Among Us” show taught each child that they could be a hero and that the most important thing is that they treat others the right way. I had great responses from both kids and teachers about the show.

I’m really excited to move forwards and make changes in my business to help make it the best it can be. One change that I recently made is teaming up with a marketing company, GenR8 Marketing, to help grow my business, design a new website and improve my social media marketing. I’m excited about the new clients and opportunities that will come from this change.

This summer, I attended Abracadabra, a magic convention in Des Moines, Iowa, for the fourth year. Because there are only around 200 attendees, the convention is a great time to build relationships with magicians from all over the country. From beginners, young performers, and top of the industry professionals, magicians get to experience an intimate gathering of growth and learning. This year, I had the privilege of competing in the Senior Magic Contest for the third year. Although I haven’t yet won, I get to learn and grow each year after the competition. Over the years I have met some of my favorite magicians in the world and gotten the opportunity to learn from them during incredible lectures. But this year, I had my biggest highlight in meeting famous magicians! Not only did I meet one of my favorites, but we got to have dinner together; Gene Anderson. Unless you’ve been around magic, you probably wouldn’t recognize his name. But for those of you who have been around magic, when you hear his name, you most likely think of the newspaper tear, a trick that Gene revolutionized. During our dinner, our conversation was centered around magic of course, but we had such a good time, that we were late getting back to the convention. They had planned a surprise party for Gene because his birthday was the weekend of the convention. This meant that I was involved in Gene missing his surprise party. I was sorry that he missed the party, but I was so glad we got to spend time together. I learned so much from my time with him and I’ve already used some of the tricks that we discussed and plan to add his newspaper tear in the future.

All of these experiences contributed to a great summer for Colorful Magic by Bruce!

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